Juan Gonzalez arrested for discharging firearm in pubic

Juan Gonzalez, a 36 year old Belizean contractor of Duck Run 1 in the Cayo district, was arraigned in the San Ignacio Magistrates Court on a charge of possession of firearm whilst under the influence of alcohol and discharging firearm in public . His arrest followed an incident on Wednesday June 9, 2016 about 11:00 pm, when Gonzalez, apparently drunk , fired off his gun in front of Mariana’s bar located on Blue Bird Street, San Ignacio Town. He then jumped into a brown ford explorer pickup and headed on Bullet Tree road . Gonzalez lost control of the vehicle, running off the road into a drain.  Police detained Gonzalez and say that inside the vehicle they   found a  9mm Glock pistol with a magazine containing (7) live 9mm GFL luger rounds and (1) live 9mm GFL luger brand round in the chamber. Police visited in front of Mariana’s bar where they saw (7) expended shells.  Gonzales was remanded until August 8, 2016 as his charges were under the crime control and criminal justice act read along with the firearm act.

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