Judge denies Michael Coye bail to leave prison pending appeal

vlcsnap-2013-06-06-19h20m32s208At a re-trial conducted in July last year, 66 year old Michael Coye and his daughter Melonie were convicted of money laundering under the Money Laundering and Terrorism Act and jailed for 3 years, as well as fined 25 thousand dollars. They were accused of running a scheme under the imprint of the Moneygram agency that targeted many prominent Belizeans using the Belize City driver’s license database. The convictions are being appealed but on Tuesday, Court of Appeal Judge Samuel Awich denied Michael Coye bail to leave prison pending the appeal. Attorneys Bryan Neal and Arthur Saldivar applied on Coye’s behalf, citing numerous grounds including his medical condition. Coye is legally blind and has been a diabetic for twenty years and told reporters before being taken back to prison that “It’s a shame what was done to us but as sick as I am, I will survive.” Reasons for the denial will be provided in writing at a later date. There is no word on when the appeal will be heard.

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