Judge Upholds Belize City Undertakers Challenge To Citco’s decision

vlcsnap-2013-04-26-20h27m15s15David Coye, a long-standing undertaker of Belize City, challenged in court the City Council’s decision to prevent undertakers from building and reopening graves in the two public cemeteries. The Belize City council made the decision earlier this year to prevent the Funeral homes from building graves in the Mile 2 Lord’s Ridge Cemetery and the Mile 13’s Eternal Garden Memorial Cemetery. Residents had complained about various missteps by the Council who sought to take on the job themselves. Now the Supreme Court Justice Oswell Legall has ordered, with the consent of both parties that the Council allow the undertakers to resume full services at both cemeteries. Justice Legall agreed that the undertakers can -“provide funeral services at the Lord Ridge and Eternal Garden Cemeteries…including undertaking construction and installing of common graves, enclosed graves, re-opening graves, vault and erecting tombstones as the case may be,” Speaking with the media on Thursday, Mayor Darrell Bradley called the matter “a humbling experience,” admitting that the law did not provide for the Council to unilaterally stop the undertakers from working in the cemetery as official policy. He said that as long as they were willing to work with the Council… City Hall would work with them. The Council, he added, fully intends to continue providing its brand of service at competitive rates. When PLUS News contacted Coye today he declined a formal interview but did say he wanted to thank those who supported him. He told us he was “tired” and wanted to move on.

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