Julian Willoughby Murdered in Belize City

vlcsnap-2014-05-05-17h48m28s26His colourful criminal background began allegedly with the murder of a 4-year-old child when he himself was still a minor.

It ended, as he himself appeared to prophesy, with his death at the hands of gunmen in a house on Antelope Street Extension on Friday night. 24 year old Julian Willoughby was gunned down while socializing with several friends, four of whom, including a female and a minor, also sustained gunshot injuries.

vlcsnap-2014-05-05-17h52m15s0Ms. Doreen Palacio- Sister of the Deceased

“Well, Fraideh night, I mih deh da one a mih frend hous and we hear the gonshat but we no pay no mind caz I jos seh, ‘oh, gonshat’.  Then, wa yong man com and seh dat the gonshat happen right by Ras Bo, and I nuoa dat my ma mih used to live deh.  But I neva kear it nor bring it caz I seh, ‘my ma don move out’, caz my ma move out Torsdeh night, and dis happen Fraideh night.  So, aftawords dehn seh dat da did siehn rooms dat my ma den mih di rent, dehn hav dih shootout.  So, I neva get and move and gaan becaz I seh, my ma no liv deh again.  But aftawords, I gae a cal fram my ma and my ma seh, “ Doreen, yu yer Julian jos gae shattop?”  Da dih room weh she mih liv?  I tellah “no”.  So,  I get up fram my frend and head ova da side deh, but shi neva tel me dat she mih don ded.  So, by dih time I reach da front, I meet my sonand my lee sista dih cohn baalin di seh dat Julian don get shattop and Julianne don ded’.  So I seh, ‘only she get shat?”  Dehn seh, ‘no, bout five a dehn get shat bot Julian ded pahn di spat”.

According to Polanco, police, who have one person detained, refused to let family members see the body at the scene. She says that Willoughby’s brother was recently cornered and told that his brothers were apparently wanted. More than that, Willoughby himself expected to be killed someday. Polanco explains why he believed that his death was foretold.

vlcsnap-2014-05-05-17h48m24s0Ms. Doreen Palacio: “The first ting cohn tu my mind, I da like, hou hihn get shat?  Tu be annes, my bredda nuoa dat pipl outya waa killa bicaz evruday hihn seh it.  Fraideh wen hihn com wich pa weh wih mih deh eena di yaad, and hin seh, I nuoa 101 man out deh, dehn waa kil mih, bot non a deh noh ahn get fuh du it.  Evriday hin taak bout it.  By wen, but dih fos ting weh cohn tu my mid a she, bot how hien get shat and how dehn ketch him, bicaz he always deh pan di lookout.  He always dih lukrong. Bo wen I get dih andastanding dat hin get shat eena dih room, (dih gonman gaan eena dih door and shuut hi op, hi no hav no escape for it becaz di only escape da mih dih room door and da right deh di gonman stann op”.

Polanco believes Willoughby’s killer should have faced him like a man instead of shooting him from behind. Police continue their investigations.

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