Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund essay competition

Two months ago members of the Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund donated items to the St. Joseph Feeding Program in Belize City to honor vlcsnap-2015-10-28-19h31m25s78Kareem, a graduate himself of St. Joseph Primary School. That was the group’s first venture and, as was mentioned, the members of the Fund had intentions of hosting an essay competition in his honor. Today, plans for that essay competition to be held next month are well underway. Chairman of Kareem Clarke Memorial Fund, Alexis Milan, spoke to the media where he disclosed more details of the essay writing competition.


Alexis Milan, Chairman KCMF: Well we’re holding our first annual essay competition. This will be held on Nov 21st. This to commemorate Kareem’s birthday, of course he’s our founding colleague. The topic of the essay, is a question, “What if the culture of politics in Belize and how would I change it?” The essay competition is open to all high schools in  Belize City. We’ve sent out the formal invitations to each institution this morning, and we’re hoping to get participation from each of the high schools. We’re accepting 3 submissions from each high school. It’s only open to 3rd and 4th form students and the deadline for submissions is Nov 12th at midnight.

All entries will be reviewed by a panel of three judges and the winners are to be announced on November 21st where the first, second and third place winners will be awarded accordingly; but why an essay competition in the first place? Chairman of the fund explained why hosting an essay competition on Kareem’s birthday is more than suitablevlcsnap-2015-10-28-19h36m36s249


Alexis Milan, Chairman KCMF: When we first came together and decided to start this fund, we thought of ways that we could best honor Kareem’s legacy, and of course Kareem was an exceptional, an above average writer, and we figured that one of the best ways we could honor his legacy was by promoting literacy, reading and writing. So the reason for this essay competition is to not only honor his legacy but to encourage and promote literacy within the community and within the society. The 1 thing that Kareem embodied and displayed through his work was that a basic command of the English Language could provide a platform to build a career and I think that it’s important that we promote this to the youth especially. We live in a society that’s so digital and most information is transmitted by TV and the internet, and we find that the youth don’t often read a much anymore. Reading and writing  is becoming a bit of a lost art form and so we really want to promote that in Kareem’s honor.

Deadline for submissions is on November 12th at midday.

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