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While police hunt down his killer and the area where he was killed moves toward healing, Kareem Jabbor Clarke is no longer on this earth. He was laid to rest this past Saturday following funeral services at St. Joseph R.C. Church. As expected, the church was packed to capacity with many of those whose lives he touched in his 27 years on Earth, not least of all his family and friends both in and out of the press corps.  KREM Television General Manager and media personality Evan “Mose” Hyde’s delivered the  eulogy and discussed why Kareem Clarke was a “poster boy” not just for his organization but for all of Belize.

Evan “Mose” Hyde, KREM Television General Manager“So when you da di posta bwai fu zinc fence your story have to be extraordinary because we have some special stories back deh. And vlcsnap-2015-07-14-10h29m09s16we love all ah dem, we got stories ah triumph and victory, we got stories ah people weh da mi ex-convict weh rise up to position and leadership, we got stories ah deportees weh come back and become wa standing pillar eena we organization, we got stories like wa lee Spanish gyal from outta di village weh come and tek ova we news department and go on TV and radio, I tell yuh we got some serious story. We have wa assistant editor weh rise from being just wa child coming to Amandala to visit with her father who was then a columnist. We have victorious stories! Champion stories ah single mothers becoming media stars. Oh, we nuh have to look far fi amazing stories, we got wa lotta dem. We got basketball stars weh turn television directors, da nuh suh, Bart Sanchez? We have a lot of amazing stories! But when my bredda call me da maanin and describe the loss of Kareem Clarke, ih seh, dey kill we poster bwai. That mean that, this da wa extraordinary story because we have some amazing story. Kareem Clarke, our posta bwai.”


Delivering the homily, Rev’d Father Noel Leslie reminded the congregation that we all have a duty to stand up against the wrongs in our society.


Father Noel Leslie, Priest & Senator“Well, they say, God, in time will take care of things. That’s what you call the justice of God. But God also has expectations of you and me. That we too are vlcsnap-2015-07-14-10h40m47s103called upon to be the people of change, we are called to people-transform the mind of others from evil to good, to always seek after the good of the other, that whenever we see misbehaviours, which we know can eventually lead to something tragic in time, if it’s not corrected early, it’s for us, as God’s people, to be ready.”


Kareem Jabbor Clarke was laid to rest at the Lord’s Ridge Cemetery, while we who were his media colleagues continue his legacy by supporting the St. Joseph School Feeding Programme with events  planned for his birthday, November 21, and three times a year thereafter.

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