Karim Hamilton admits to unnatural act on a male minor

vlcsnap-2013-05-14-19h39m59s110The nation of Belize is awaiting the decision of Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin as to whether or not to remove the portion of section 53 of Belize’s law which criminalizes an unnatural act not only with animals but with persons as well. Self proclaimed homosexual Caleb Orosco says the law discriminates against him and his partners. The judge’s decision is expected in July. In the meantime, the law continues to serve its purpose as one man was today sentenced because of an unnatural act he performed on a child. The 15 year old mentally challenged boy was sodomized by 26 year old Karim Hamilton.  Hamilton was in court today for his trial but he changed his not guilty plea to guilty, admitting  to the unnatural act on the minor. He was sentenced to four years in prison today.   Judge Gonzalez told Hamilton that he would have imposed a 6 years jail term, but since Hamilton has been on remand since April 2011, after the incident occurred, he will only give him back two years so Hamilton will only serve 4 years instead of 6.  If the full extent of the law was administered, he would have spent ten years in prison. Hamilton had met seen the mentally challenged boy at a park in Belize city and told him to follow him to his home because Hamilton had a gift for the minor. The boy went to Hamilton’s home where Hamilton sodomized him. The boy’s mother found out after the child started complaining that his rear was hurting. At the time of the incident, Hamilton was no stranger to the boy or his family.

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