Kenny Morgan explains Citco’s action on Cemeteries

vlcsnap-2013-05-02-21h35m50s147PLUS News today caught up with public relations officer for the Belize City Council, Kenny Morgan, concerning a story we first reported on Tuesday regarding the undertakers of Belize City being kept out of the public cemetery despite the reaching of an agreement at the Supreme Court between both sides. Morgan assured us that the Council intends to keep to the order of the Court, without compromising over the standard for construction. To this end, the Council is working on a set of standards that Morgan estimates will be complete in the next two weeks, after which the Council will call back in all concerned to lay down the law. Until then, says Morgan, the Council is the sole entity allowed inside the premises and persons who need work done need to come to City Hall. In fact, even after the undertakers are allowed in, the Council will continue to offer similar services at reduced rates. There will be an oversight committee in charge of the procedure at both Lord’s Ridge and Eternal Garden Cemeteries.

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