Kent Brooks Jr is latest murder victim

Added to the toll of murders reported over the weekend is 18 year old Kent Brooks Junior, who was shot along with Keiran Morrison on the night of June 29th on Lacroix Boulevard. Brooks died in hospital after being removed from life support on Sunday. We spoke with his father, Amandala newspaper printer and former footballer Kent Brooks Senior, earlier today.

Kent Brooks Sr, Father of Deceasedvlcsnap-2016-07-12-14h40m56s248

“When we got there around 8:45 they called us and told us that my son just passed away. When we got there we learnt that he was connected to a machine and the doctors in the ICU tried their best to keep him alive. Everyone who donated blood I want to say thank you and to everyone who kept him in their prayers I want to say thanks also. Everyone prayed but we can’t question the Almighty. For 10 days I saw my son fighting for his life so I just accept the fact that the Almighty taught it was best for him to go and rest.”

Brooks is already sadly missed by his family and especially by his father, who recalled taking him around the country to his football games. As for the search into who killed Brooks Jr and Morrison, Officer Commanding Eastern Division (South) ACP Chester Williams told us that police had hoped Brooks would survive and help their investigation. Now that he is gone, police, who do have an idea who the killer is, must find the person who witnessed the attack and get him to cooperate:

ACP Chester Williams, Assistant Commissioner of Policevlcsnap-2016-07-12-14h41m19s220

“We have an idea on who is the trigger man in these two murders but the difficulty always is getting people to give statements as it relates to what they have seen. This is where we wish that we can get more cooperation from the public because many people were around when this incident happened. People are afraid to come forward and give evidence and statements. They speak to us behind the scenes but to reduce what they have to say in writing is another issue. The investigation at this time is at a standstill and we are hoping that maybe someone will come forward and give us the statement that we need to proceed further with this investigation.”




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