Kevin Carcamo’s Family Makes Public Plea

vlcsnap-2014-07-31-06h05m50s109It has been more than 2 weeks and 3 days since Kevin  Carcamo reportedly went missing. The Hattiville chairman was employed at Discoverseis, a company that uses seismic testing to search for oil. Mr Carcamo was along with over 40 other field workers recording material in the Freetown Sibun Area on Sunday July 20, when he reportedly went missing.  Police immediately launched an extensive investigation, but came up empty handed with every passing day. The latest possible breakthrough in the investigation was when the authorities swabbed a sample of blood found on a piece of branch in the Freetown Sibbun Area. There was also a strand of hair that was found at the site. Reports are that the family has agreed to give the authorities a sample of Kevin Carcamo’s children’s DNA, so they can find out if the blood and hair sample belong to Mr Carcamo. Though authorities remain resolute in the search for Mr Carcamo, the chances of finding him are fading away with every passing day. On Wednesday, Kevin Carcamo’s family made a public plea for his safe return or, in worst case scenario, the location of his body .

vlcsnap-2014-08-08-06h59m36s115Georgia Myvette Blair – Sister of Kevin Carcamo

“We want to know the whys, the whos, and the hows.  To anyone that has anything, any knowledge, please contact my brothers Ian and Victor directly.  There not here today, because they’re out searching in the bush.  The only thing we want is justice and justification, for this untimely event.  Please, we beg of you to have compassion and Godly understanding that we need closure.  Please give us back Kevin Carcamo.  The [greatest] need for all my nieces that are here, and all my nephews, [is] to have comfort of knowing he’s OK.  Even if he’s gone, just let us know, so that we can do the proper thing.  We’ve already lost a lot.  We lost our mother when we were little, and now we’re going through the one role model of our lives, and it’s unfair.  Two years ago we lost our brother ‘Spooney’.  We were here for that.  So it’s a lot.  We just want closure.  We want to know that we can go to sleep, his wife can go to sleep at night, and say ‘He’s OK’.  That’s all we want.  If it’s money, let us know.  I’m not rich, but we can figure it out.  If it’s something you need, let us know.  We can figure it out.  Just give him back to us.  It doesn’t matter which way, preferably still alive, so he can raise these little girls, but if not, it is what it is.  But we need closure in our lives.”

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