Keyren Tzib still not granted bail through the Supreme Court

vlcsnap-2015-09-25-19h02m05s108Keyren Tzib has still not been granted bail by the Supreme Court. Justice Troadio Gonzalez said today in court,   “I am inclined to grant her bail, but my biggest concern is her mental status.,” and with that her case was adjourned again for next week Friday, October 2, 2015.  Last week at the first bail application for Coastguard, Keyren Tzib, Judge Gonzalez wanted to hear from the psychiatric Nurse but today her input was rejected as in law it is not certain whether or not the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner can testify on the mental status of a defendant . For sure, a Psychiatrist can testify but there is none available in Belize City at this time.  The  Psychiatrist Nurse Practitioner took the stand today and testified that she has given previous testimonies before the court on the mental status of at least 20 defendants and those reports have been accepted by other judges. However, Judge Gonzalez was not convinced that she was the official person to do so legally on behalf of Tzib.  Judge Gonzalez ordered that the Western Regional Hospital Psychiatrist, Richard Olivera, be summoned to appear in court to testify as to Tzib’s mental status before deciding on bail.  Dr. Olivera is to do an evaluation of Tzib on Wednesday in Belmopan and submit his findings to the court as to whether Tzib is a threat to herself and society. Tzib has been accused of shooting her coastguard colleague while they were in a boat on the job and a few months later of killing her common law husband during a domestic dispute.

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