KHMH confirms 12 babies died so far this month

KHMHThe Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) confirmed yesterday that 12 babies had died so far for the month of May in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit – none lasting more than a month. It is staggering and frightening and hospital authorities say an investigation is underway to determine how the unit could possibly have been infected. The unit tends to premature newborns, which due to lower resistance are more prone to infection. Today the Ministry of Health announced that it was supporting the investigation by the hospital, saying that this morning the Director of Maternal and Child Health, the National Epidemiologist and an Infection Control Expert of the Ministry of Health met with key personnel of KHMH to implement specific measures to control this dangerous infection. Additionally, the Pan American Health Organization has been contacted and has offered technical support. However, that comes too late for the devastated families, who believe the hospital could have and should have done more. We spoke off-camera with a sixteen-year-old whose baby was born on May 4 and died on May 20. She tells us that it seems not even the hospital knew what was the problem.

16 year old Mother:
vlcsnap-2013-05-21-21h25m27s40Every two days, they gave you a different story. The baby is good today, you came back tomorrow, it’s bad. Its three different doctors and every time you talk to the doctors, they give you a different story. When I came, I saw a whole pile of medication and no one could have told me what the medication was for. All they said is that it is antibiotic to fight the infection that is inside. The last time, I came and saw my baby alive, the doctor told me, my baby is getting good and the only thing that happened is that the medicine is fighting the bacteria inside. Then when I reached home, they called me and told me that the baby passed away. 

She claims the nurses and doctors refused to allow her family to be by her side.

16 year old Mother:
They put me on a twelve hour drip and before that drip finished, before the twelve hours, I got up and I started to have pain. No bleeding, no nothing I had, no discharge, no nothing. At the same time, the mid-wife came in and she inserted her fingers and she checked me and she told me that it is the baby’s foot is there. Then Dr. Benjamin, I remember that name good – Dr. Benjamin came in and said “No that the baby’s card” and that I was suppose to get a C-Section. Everyone said from the moment they saw the baby’s foot coming. They made me push the baby’s foot first and when I told them to call my mom, the midwife looked at me and told me “Your mother wasn’t there when you were making there, so why will you call on your mother now?”

What hurts her the most is that she had planned her baby’s future and hers out, only to see it taken away.

16 year old Mother:
Just love, because the intention I had was to have my baby, bring her home healthy and go back to school September, graduate and then find a job and then we just move on. I had big dreams that I wanted to achieve with my baby and then they just came and shattered it. This place is infected; from the first baby died, they should have checked the place and let the parents know what was happening. The nurses and the doctors didn’t even come and tell us that the place was infected, we had to hear it from other parents; they didn’t tell us anything. 

The press release from the Ministry of health ends by saying that the Ministry of Health will continue to monitor the situation and will work closely with KHMH to keep the public fully informed.

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