KHMH denies report of negligence during blackout

Yesterday PLUS News was told by a source that a female KHMH patient from the Jane Usher Boulevard area of Belize City died during a vlcsnap-2016-06-16-10h30m32s330blackout Monday night because hospital staff did not turn on the hospital generator quick enough to get her ventilator going after it cut off.

Today, the CEO of the KHMH, Dr. Adrian Coye said he could not confirm that the death occurred during the blackout but that they will investigate:

Dr. Adrian Coye, CEO of the KHMH: I have not heard of that report, I’ll say that first of all. I know that there was a complaint regarding the blackout but to say that it directly resulted in someone dying, I would have to refute that. Secondly we have a very well-maintained vlcsnap-2016-06-16-10h29m55s038generator that is tested monthly and so that does come on when we have blackouts. The important thing about that is that when the generator comes on not every single location in the hospital will get current – only the critical areas – the ICUs, operating theatre, emergency room, etc. And then in each ward there are specific plugs that also provide electricity, so I am not really sure about what has happened here. We can investigate it of course. We take all of these complaints seriously so if that person who has expressed it externally let us know and then we can proceed in a much more detailed manner

We understand no formal complaint has made ahead of news time tonight. We hope to reach the patient’s family for comment for a subsequent newscast.

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