KHMH Pharmacy staff protest pay situation

Workers at the in-house KHMH pharmacy have been pursuing actions which may land them in trouble with their bosses. Reports are that they have expressed their dissatisfaction with their pay situation by not showing up to work on Wednesday of this week and the pharmacy was allegedly also closed today. Dr. Marcus Rugama told us that the matter is being internally discussed with the input of the Public Service Union (PSU), since all medical services are classified as essential services under Belize law and are strictly treated with regard to industrial action.

Dr Marcus Rugama:
vlcsnap-2013-05-17-20h59m03s132I do not know that it’s closed today.  I would have to go and check.  Secondly, I am not the person to give that kind of information, and I will not.  I know that the CEO sent a release, explaining our position. There wouldn’t be any deviation what he has explained .
People will get service as it has always been happening in the Hospital.  We’ve closed in part on a couple of days, the Out-patient Pharmacy only, but all services have continued within the Hospital for Emergency, ICU, the Wards.  That has not changed.  This, as you brought it up, may have started from Saturday, and as I say this service continues.  Yesterday it was open, as far as I know, because I  sent patients to Out-patients, and they had this service done.  I’m not sure about this morning, and I will have to see.

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