KHMH say Baby Lorena died of Heart Failure

Lawrence Bol’s grieving continues. Early Sunday Morning Bol’s recently born child passed away under the care of the KHMH. He had approached the media desperately seeking answers to this misfortune as he believes his baby was healthy. He was shocked by the turn of events. Here’s what he told us on Monday.

Lawrence Bol – Father of Lorena:
vlcsnap-2013-07-15-19h15m24s106She was healthy.  She was supposed to discharge yesterday, but when I reach she was passed away. She was healthy, because my wife also could explain how this happen, ’cause she was with my baby last Saturday night.  That really shocked we. Both of us get shocked and we want to find peace of justice with my baby.  That really shocked me. 

Yesterday he told the media that, according to KHMH officials, his baby died of heart failure. However, he is not convinced that they are telling him the truth and stresses that they were not taking good care of his baby. The bills that keep mounting due to his extended stay and the newborns death add to the distress of the grieving father. Lawrence Bol, a poor farmer from Toledo, asks for financial aid and moral support

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