KHMH staff will receive pay raise

The Staff of Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital will be getting their salary increases retroactive to April 2015.  That is the news coming from a press release issued by the KHMH this evening. As we have been reporting, a process of negotiation has been ongoing between the KHMH staff Ad hoc Committee, the Management and the Board of Governors of the KHMH. In 2013, when public officers received their raises of pay,  the vlcsnap-2015-09-16-18h45m48s242KHMH’s 579 staffers were not included. That is because the KHMH staff are not considered public officers. They since formed the KHMH staff ad Hoc Committee and have been in negotiations which were not going very well. So much so, that just as recently as July there was a go slow staged at the KHMH. Since then, a negotiationg sub committee had to be established and brought into the negotiation process.   That sub-committee consisted of the Minister of Health, Minister of Education, Minister of Labour and the Minister of National Security. According to today’s press release,

“..there are a number of breakthroughs with respect to strategies for improving efficiencies and customer service as well as for implementing cost-saving and revenue collection measures.  Additionally, with a commitment from government to recognize and compensate KHMHA for fees owed by the very indigent, the Board of Governors has made the decision to approve an increase in staff salaries retroactive to April 2015.

The release also says that to complete this process there will be a signing of a tripartite Memorandum of Understanding charting the way forward for improved health care delivery, improved benefits to staff and a path to sustainability. The release did not say exactly how much percentage the salaries would be increased by.

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