KHMH unveils new videoconferencing system





The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital unveiled a new videoconferencing system acquired through its partnership with Carolinas Health Care System. The system was launched with the assistance of local telecom provider Belize Telemedia Limited. BTL’s Chief Information Systems Officer Rafael Marin tells us more.

Rafael Marin – BTL’s Chief Information Systems Officer:

vlcsnap-2013-09-04-08h52m34s107Patients at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital will benefit greatly from the service as the wait time to get important results will be vastly minimized.  In other words, consultations can now be done in the blink of an eye.  The dedicated broadband services provided by BTL will also have long-term benefits for Karl Heusner memorial Hospital, as the management has expressed future plans to implement the use of  Cloud Computing Solutions.,  to increase health information efficiency in the largest health institution in Belize.  These Cloud Computing efforts will include; web-based imaging and reporting. web-based electronic medical records, and of course it may even help the whole billing and collections. You may be able to pay on-line.

Dr. Adrian Coye, KHMH Medical Chief of Staff, made a presentation on the benefits for the country and its top hospital.

Dr. Adrian Coye – Medical Chief of Staff, KHMH:

vlcsnap-2013-09-04-09h06m39s72What does this mean for us, this video-conferencing capacity? It allows us, as in all health care providers within this hospital, the opportunity to develop and grow.  It is going to provide an almost limitless training potential of technologies, nurses, doctors.  The collaboration where I talked about, where we’re not alone now, as they say in real-time we can have consultations, discussions about patient care, about systems that we use, and how to make things better for our people.  Everything that we do here in this hospital has a national impact, and everything that we’re doing in this way will have a national impact, and that is something I always try and reinforce.  Apart from developing then our human capacity, we are able then to participate in medical conferences or meetings, even attend  grand rounds, in cardiology grand rounds, accidental emergency grand rounds, urology grand rounds.  It’s limitless in terms of where you connect, and we have enough good-will, for Belize and for Karl Heusner, out there for us to be able to do this and do it in a very meaningful way.

Dr. Coye says KHMH is now near the top in terms of this type of service.

vlcsnap-2013-09-04-09h29m42s124Dr. Adrian Coye:

This is putting us on the forefront of what is what is regarded as cutting[-edge] technology, tele-medicine, tele-health,  and perhaps Belize in partnership the Carolinas Health System and others would be helping to write those successful stories about these kinds of collaborations.  I’m very grateful for this opportunity to share with you some of the exciting possibilities.

There was a demonstration of the system where a successful video conference was held with Dr. Geoff Rose, vice president of the Sanger Heart and Vascular Institute.

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