Kidnapping charges dropped

Businessman 41 year old Amir Reid and construction worker 23 year old Alexander Lopez are free of kidnapping charges tonight after their alleged victim, Abel Lara Jr., told police in an additional statement that he would not pursue further court action against the two. Reid and vlcsnap-2015-11-02-13h32m18s112Lopez, also charged with conspiracy and harm, were accused in March of this year of forcing Lara into a vehicle. Lara further alleged the men took him up the George Price highway but before they could hurt him, he managed to escape by running to the highway with his abductors chasing behind him and flagging down a vehicle into the city where he reported the incident. After perusing the letter from Lara, Chief Magistrate Ann-Marie Smith released the pair. Reid declined to speak on camera but he did say that he was wrongfully accused for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. We were able to speak to Lopez, who says the episode cost him his job.


Alexander Lopez, Freed of Kidnapping Charges: I was wrongfully accused nuh. Didn’t have any knowledge about any kidnapping, wasn’t anywhere around when any kidnapping was happening. I was at home, went back to work, CIB came looking for Alex Lopez, charged me wrongfully for kidnapping, something I have no knowledge about. Made me lose my nice crane job that I have for almost 3 years. As a young youth, I’ve never been charged with a crime before and the first charge was kidnapping and I’ve lost my job.

Reporter: Now that you have been vindicated of such an allegation, what is your next move as to try to see how you can get back your job, civil suit? What are you going to do?

Alexander Lopez, Freed of Kidnapping Charges: Well I have to file a civil suit and sue, because from March, till this day I lost a lot.vlcsnap-2015-11-02-13h28m12s125

Lopez and Reid had been denied bail and remanded to prison after being charged, but Lopez received bail within a week. He says he was making $600 every two weeks with CISCO construction but lost his job and his only source of income as a result of the charges. He will seek legal advice to sue the persons who he believes are responsible for his wrongful incarceration and false imprisonment and for defamation of character. He also wants to sue for damages as he has not received a pay cheque since March of this year when he went to jail and lost his job.

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