Kim Brannon takes manslaughter plea; claims murder victim abused her

She allegedly chopped her common law husband to death but blamed others for it when charged with murder. She was found guilty, and a re-trial was ordered. Today, Kimberly Brannon accepted a plea of manslaughter, claiming for the first time that Anthony “Antics” Herrera held hevlcsnap-2016-04-26-09h45m20s348r in an abusive relationship from the age of 14 until she killed him after she could not take his abuse anymore. The 45-year-old mother of three was sentenced to eight years in prison by Justice Troadio Gonzalez, but has only 6 months and 17 days left to serve. She was credited for 7 years 4 months and 13 days on remand after a mitigation plea by her attorney, Leeroy Banner, who begged the court for mercy and to take into consideration the long period of abuse which Brannon bore in silence. On December 13, 2008, Herrera was chopped to death inside the couple’s Burrell Boom home. Brannon spoke emotionally from the dock, telling the court that Brannon abused her not only physically, but sexually, and emotionally as well and she had physical scars to prove it. According to Brannon, whenever she found the courage to leave Herrera, which she did on numerous occasions, she always went back because of fear he would kill her or hurt a family member. Brannon issued an apology for her actions to Herrera’s family in court. Justice Gonzalez relied on two famous recent cases for sentencing guidelines: Lavern “Anti-Christ” Longsworth and Viola Pook, who both faced similar circumstances: convicted of murder, only to see their sentences quashed. Pook accepted a manslaughter plea before re-trial and Longsworth’s sentence was reduced at the Court of Appeal. In her first trial, Brannon had pleaded not guilty and her defence was that men came to her Burrell Boom home looking for drugs which they thought her husband had for them and when they did not find the drugs, they kill him chopping him up and left him there to die, but sparing her life and leaving her unharmed.

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