Kim Passport in Police Hands

It was announced on September 11th that the Won Hong Kim Passport, key material evidence, according to attorney for the prosecution Kareem Musa, arrived in Belize with the Minister of Immigration Godwin Hulse.

Elvin Penner was freed of all charges on July 24th earlier this year, due to a lack of evidence on the part of private prosecutors Geovanni Bracket and Nedal McLaren and their attorney Kareem Musa.

In an interview with Minister Hulse on Friday, he told Plus News that Cola has made no advancement to get their hands on the passport and explained the chain of command which the passport must go through before it reaches the DDP.

vlcsnap-2014-09-20-06h54m26s116Godwin Hulse –  Minister of Immigration

“Let me give you the proper protocol.  I brought back the passport, yes.  So there’s a chain of custody you always have to have.

The Ambassador gave it to me, properly signed over.  I signed it over to our CEO and the Police.  So last thing I know, it’s in the hands of the Police.  I don’t know where it’s going from there.

I know it’s supposed to go to the DPP, but it’s for the Police to deal with that.  As you know, this Minister never interferes with police and police business, absolutely not.”

Minister Hulse also commented on the new government appointed committee to review visa regulations in the county.

Senator Godwin Hulse

“As you know, in January of this year we passed legislation to create a visa vetting committee. That has been created.  We’re in the process now of reviewing the entire visa regulations.  There are about sixty of them, over the years.  We are amalgamating them into one. So there’s one document with all the respective countries that have wavers, etcetera.   The committee is up and running.

We’re also going to be establishing specific visas, because you have to understand that this country’s visa laws date back to ’63.  So when we got Independence, they still pertained. 

We’re going to now create the Student Visa, Employment Visa or what you call Work Permit Visa, Visitor Visa, and all of those, so that we clear this up.  What is happening is that a lot of people get Visitor Visas, and come to Belize.  They come here intending to work.  Then they stay and they get stamped up.  We  want to clean up all of that, and we’re working in that direction.”

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