Kirk Lamb says he signed contracts but hasn’t built any houses

  Kirk Lamb is the 38 year old Belize City resident who claims he has been working for Anthony Boots Martinez for the past 25 years as a caretaker. Lamb became the center of political controversy when he revealed to the media earlier this week that he was one of the persons used by Boots Martinez as a house contractor to receive money from the Ministry of Works, but that he has never built one single house in his life. The allegations have put both Minister Anthony Boots Martinez and CEO of the Ministry of Works on the defense, producing pictures of Kirk Lamb signing contracts. Lamb continues to stick to his story that while he signed contracts on behalf of Anthony ‘Boots’ Martinez, he is not a Contractor. Today the media caught up with Lamb again to cross question him on the interview given by Minister Martinez in yesterday’s newscast.

Kirk Lamb, 

  Well sir, I signed for something ,but I never yet in my life signed for a contract to build a house. When the check  comes I just go to collect it. We go to treasury. I collect and he’s right there waiting for the money . I haven’t got any contract as yet to say I don’t even know why. I thought it was my house I was signing for sir! Ma’am at that moment I was so confused that I didn’t even read it. I never did read any contract. I was thinking that I’m getting my house, ma’am. If I was supposed to be a  contractor I am supposed to have a license and all kind of tools or anything to be a contractor.  I never built any house yet in my life. Nobody knows me. I use to be the Caretaker for the building as the security. I never got a contract to say that I build a house or got any materials. From I know myself and  I am going to say it again, I never did get a contract that states that I should be receiving materials to build a house any at all. He didn’t even give me a contract in my life and anyone in the community could tell you that I never before gotten a contract . I am the caretaker for the building. I am a security. I never did been in the field no time to build no house. Whenever I get the money it goes straight to Mr. Boots Martinez or since I opened an account and since my pay started to go through the credit union . The credit Union does not give money, only cheques. So I go straight to the bank to make the deposit for ‘Housing for the Poor’. I never got any money in my pockets, nothing . Well I would say that the least I ever got from Mr. Boots is $50. Not any big time money from Mr. Boots. I don’t even know money, like I said, he never put me in a position to say, Kirk Lamb is going to build 4 houses or had a work crew with me. I never yet build a house in my life.

The media has been trying to ascertain the quantity of houses and the quantity of cash that passed through Kirk Lamb on the way to Housing for the Poor. Even Minister Martinez himself acknowledged that Lamb has been one of their best contractors, which means he should have been responsible for many projects, yet Lamb says he has not been responsible for one single house. Instead, lamb claims that he has been signing contracts and handing money to Minister Anthony Boots Martinez for many years.

Kirk Lamb, 

 This has been going on from Ministry of Works time. From he had this building by the Boulevard that had the sign upstairs that said “Housing for the Poor” that will happen, sir. Houses were building for people and anyone that needed a house. If a check was supposed to come in my name it would have been for $20,000 or $17,000 but I don’t get any of the money. I just give the money to Boots Martinez, sir, and if I don’t go its one of his cronies . I used to go to the treasury to pick up the cheque and then I go to change [it] at the bank or some other place and sometime he’d be in his car waiting for me and I get the money put it in a envelope and give it to Mr. Boots Martinez. I don’t control any money, I didn’t get any materials and I didn’t get any contracts. I might have gone and signed the paper for a contract but I did not receive any contract.

Minister Boots Martinez also told the media that Lamb was given a house and a land and that he, Lamb, sold the property which is why today he has nothing. In today’s interview, Lamb told the media that nothing could be further from the truth.

Kirk Lamb, 

 He is telling lies. I sold the land, yes, and I ain’t ashamed to say it. [But] he hasn’t given me my house as yet. Up to today I still haven’t gotten my house. I sold the land because I don’t want it behind Jane Usher and what he gave me is a swamp. So he’s telling a lie against me right there because he didn’t give me any house. All I had was a land swamp that I sold . That’s right. I was driving a green truck for him for “Housing for the Poor.” We go to pick up the material from Benny’s or Lumber Yard where it is at. Me and Mr. Pollard, a short boy by the name of Pollard who is my wing man. I don’t control anything Boots used me to rent out his building on the Boulevard and the Lands Department went down stairs and Human Development is Upstairs and placed me in a room and promised me that he’s going to build me a house and I haven’t received anything as yet.

Today, Leader of the Opposition, Hon. John Briceno spoke on the Kirk Lamb/Boots Martinez fiasco.

Leader of the Opposition, Hon. John Briceno

There is obviously something wrong when the Ministry that is in charged of Poverty Alleviation and the Minister who is in charge of this Ministry, would be doing business with some companies where he somehow directly, or indirectly, through the people that are managing these programs or these NGO’s, are closely associated with him. Many questions come to mind. How can the Ministry of Works, or the CEO from the Ministry of Works, or the CEO from the Ministry of Poverty Alleviation sign a contract with Mr. Lamb? Well it is very clear that Mr. Lamb is not a contractor. He has no equipment, he has no finances, he has no experience. He has no ability.  He has nothing that the Ministry will then sign these contracts with this gentleman. And as to what Mr. Lamb pointed out that there are several big persons like him who are under this similar situation or scam that sign the monies transferred into their account. They go to the account they take out the cash and hand it over to one of the cronies of Boots Martinez.

The leader of the opposition says he is calling for the resignation or firing of Minister Martinez.

Leader of the Opposition, Hon. John Briceno

We have the ‘Port Loyola Organization for Women’ they charge 27$ per pantry bag that they give to the women and then they charge another $12.50 per package. All this money has just been going around and around the same people that are some how linked directly or indirectly to Minister Martinez and no kind of investigation is being done . ‘Port Loyola Housing for the Poor’ which we were just talking about, where surprisingly, all these houses have been built! Which is a company, by the way. We also have  ‘Port Loyola Development, Health and Education Fund’ and it seems that the only business the ‘Port Loyola Development, Health and Education Fund’ is about land acquisition. The owners of this Company is one Anthony Martinez and and Albert Moody. And we have been seeing a number of parcels of land that have been registered in this company from government. They have acquired land in Port Loyola, Queen Square, Lake Independence, South San Pedro and Caribbean Shores. We see two instances where the lands have been registered in the name of his daughter Stacey Martinez . It is obvious that something wrong is going on in the Ministry of Poverty Alleviation, and before that in the Ministry of Works. We have Boots Martinez as the Minister. The prime minister needs to do a deceive action and he needs to do a decisive action now!

We will have more on the Leader of the opposition’s press briefing in tomorrow’s newscast

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