Kirk Smith Jr. Dies from Sunday Bullet Spree

vlcsnap-2014-06-13-19h17m36s2Kirk Smith Jr. on Thursday succumbed to his injuries from Sunday night’s wild spray of bullets at a graduation party at the Brown Sugar Marketplace, one of three shooting incidents over the weekend. This week there have been as many as six shooting incidents, including one this morning in the Yarborough area, with two persons dead and  eight others injured, two of them still in critical condition. With the update here is Precinct 3 Senior Officer Superintendent Gualberto Garcia.

vlcsnap-2014-06-13-19h28m54s85Sup. Gualberto Garcia- Officer in Charge Precinct 3 of the Belize Police Department

“Well, the two investigations are ongoing; the shooting in front of the Princess Casino area and the shooting that happened at the Brown Sugar Plaza. The Brown Sugar Plaza has been upgraded it from a mere shooting to a murder investigation because the person that was most seriously injured passed away last night, sometime after &7 p.m. and is being dealt with as a murder”.

Reporter: “Has any person been detained?”

Sup. Gualberto Garcia: “We detained three persons initially, but at this moment, we do not have any concrete evidence to lay charges at anybody”.

Going into the weekend, especially in light of the Days of Healing event scheduled in the Mayflower/Ghost Town area which saw a shooting incident earlier this week, Superintendent Garcia says police across the City will be on alert.

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