Kolbe inmate convicted of harming prison officer

vlcsnap-2013-10-18-10h37m35s122vlcsnap-2013-10-18-10h37m45s22523 year old Jason Anderson, in prison on remand for the 2010 murder of Raylene Dyer, was convicted on Thursday of wounding a prisoner officer. The confrontation between Jason Anderson and the officer occurred in February of this year inside the Hattieville Prison.  Whilst at the Kolbe Foundation the officer said that he and Anderson got into a struggle when he was conducting a search on him and that during the struggle, he, the officer, fell to the ground which caused him to injure his knee. On Thursday morning, Jason Anderson, who was unrepresented, chose to plead guilty when he appeared before Magistrate, Leslie Hamilton.   The first time offender for the crime of harm, was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment out of a possible 5 years he was looking at. As we mentioned, Jason Anderson is accused of murdering Raylene Dyer, the mother whose young baby was taken from her and reportedly sold. Ms. Dyer was killed by her child’s kidnappers. Mr Anderson and two others, were charge in connection with her death and baby disappearance. Jason Anderson, originally from Roaring Creek, also has a conviction for possession of a control drugs for which he has already serve 6 months imprisonment.

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