Kolbe inmate stabbed multiple times

vlcsnap-2014-07-18-06h13m06s32There was a stabbing incident at the Belize Central Prison on Wednesday. 23-year-old Jamal Ariola, a Belizean inmate at the Belize Central Prison, was stabbed multiple times.  He reported that at about 10 o’clock Wednesday morning, he was in the prison yard talking to his friend, Giovanni Ramirez. Jamal Ariola says that all of a sudden he felt a stab on the left side of his chest and saw that his “friend’ Giovanni had a piece of pointed steel in his hand. Giovanni Ramirez then reportedly stabbed Jamal Ariola multiple times on  his hand, back and foot. Mr Ariola was taken to Medic Center for treatment where his injuries were certified as wounding. 20-year-old Giovanni Ramirez remains at the Belize Central Prison pending charges. Police have recovered the sharpened piece of steel measuring 6 inches in length as investigations continue.

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