Kontiki Neighborhood Watch erect street signs in Cayo






The Kontiki Neighborhood Watch Committee continued in their hands-on service in the twin towns of Belize, this past weekend. The group , through funds raised, assembled several streets signs across the neighborhood. President, Vilma Stuarworth, took a few minutes to catch us up on what the committee had been up to, including this latest project.

vlcsnap-2013-10-18-12h26m25s135Mrs. Vilma Stuarworth- Kontiki Neighbourhood Watch

“Today, we are doing what we promised to do when we had our last event.   We are using our funds to do our community project, which is, our street signs.   We had last year our first family day on November and we plan to make it a tradition in Kontiki that on every November, we have a family day where families can come out, have fun, enjoy food, games, greasy pole, and other suggestions we have from people, we will try to do it.   We have 31 signs going to be put up today, and 21 posts to sum our double”.


Vilma Stuarworth further shared with activities planned for the near future and offered some encouragement to other communities, not only in the West, but in all Belize.

Mrs. Vilma Stuarworth

“After these signs, we are hoping to do more signs.    We are just doing 31 signs with 21 posts.   So, our next project for the Kontinki day will be our Bus Stop.   We are really trying to make it successful again, so we’d have enough money to do a bus stop for our school children.   The people out there would like to tell them that they should get together.   Don’t wait for people to do things for you.   It’s our community.   We have to take care of it, we have to keep it clean; we have to do the best for our community, our children, our mothers or fathers…everybody in the community”.

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