Krismar Espinosa not guilty of murder of prison inmate

vlcsnap-2018-01-12-15h45m19s792Yesterday, 28 year old Krismar Espinosa  was found not guilty of both murder and manslaughter in the death of fellow Central Prison Inmate, Keon Swasey. The incident happened on Christmas Eve back in 2009, when Swasey was stabbed twice to the chest with a homemade knife. Justice Adolph Lucas and a 12 member jury heard testimonies from the prison guards who witnessed the stabbing. However, none of the witnesses could definitely say they saw Espinosa stab Swasey. One said he witnessed a “punching” motion from Espinosa to Swasey, while the other claimed Espinosa approached Swasey from behind and made a “stabbing” motion at him; but none could say for certain that they saw a knife in Espinosa’s hand or that they could be sure that Espinosa stabbed Swasey. Espinosa said that he was on his way to receive a phone call and was searched before the phone call, and before he returned to his cell and no knife was found on him. Espinosa told the court he knows who killed Swasey but is fearful for his life and would not disclose the identity of the perpetrator. The jury of seven women and five men believed Espinosa and found him not guilty of both murder and manslaughter in the death of Keon Swasey. Espinosa was returned to Central Prison to continue serving the remainder of his sentence on the manslaughter conviction for the death of Rachel Chun in Orange Walk. In June of 2018, Espinosa was sentenced to 16 years for the manslaughter of 24 year old Rachel Chun whose decomposing body was found in an abandoned building in Santa Familia. She had been sexually assaulted and then bludgeoned with a cement block.  Espinoza was reportedly the last person with whom she was seen.

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