La Immaculada Credit Union has opened its doors in Belmopan

LICULa Inmaculada Credit Union (LICU) opens a new branch in the Garden City and it is conveniently located in Forest Drive, a commonly used street. After the ceremony we spoke to Yolanda Gomez,  LICU’s General Manager who told us about the 2 year planning that went into the establishment of this new branch.

Mrs. Yolanda L. Gomez- General Manager

vlcsnap-2013-10-02-08h31m18s145“We have been studying the possibility of reaching to the Belmopan City to be able to offer our services for like over two years, we’ve been planning for this.   We did some survey, some feasibility studies, and what we actually want to do is to encourage entrepreneurship.   While we will be open to offer all our services, our focus is actually to rate a productive sector.   So, we are going to be here, not only to accept deposits and to offer credit but actually to offer technical assistance and guidance and do some hand holding with the entrepreneurs”.

Yolanda Gomez says they had a very good response from the public on Tuesday.

Yolanda L. Gomez

“We have actually open up quite a number of accounts, at least over thirty accounts for today, we invited all the village councils for the and we were very excited to see a majority turn out of these villages, because what La Inmaculada Credit Union does is take our services out to the rural area.   That is where we know our Belizean people are very intelligent, they are very creative, they use their initiative and they can work and they can produce; and we believe that taking our services out there will complement what they are already doing and take them to another level”.

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