La Ruta Maya 2015

The most anticipated Belikin La Ruta Maya Challenge kicked off last Friday in San Ignacio for the 18th year in a row where 57 teams competed in 7 different categories. We give the results of the top three winners for the male and female division. In the male’s category it was Cleary an intense competition but in the end it was the BTL Cub’s Arms that took the win with an overall time of 17:35:27. Close behind was NICH with an overal time of 17:38:44 and OCB Wave Makers with an overall time of 17:39:21. In the Female Category it was the Koop Sheet Metal that took the win with an overall time of 19:28:58, followed by the Belize Bank Bulldogs, with a total time of 19:43:50, and the Belize Coast

vlcsnap-2015-03-11-14h11m56s35Guardian with a time of 21:14:08.

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