Labor investigating case of resigned Northern Regional Manager

Yesterday we brought you comments made by the Minister of Labor, Hon. Hugo Patt following a Labor workshop held in Belize City. One topic of interest that was brought up by the media was the issue of the recent resignation of the Northern Regional Manager, Audibaldo Monima Junior , a close affiliate of Minister of Health Pablo Marin. The country became aware of Monima’s appointment for the post of Northern Regional Manager when concerned persons within the Ministry of Health leaked to the media that Monima was grossly under qualified for the post; a former Coast Guard with only an Associate’s degree in Busines. The post calls for at least a Master’s Degree in Public Health Administration and five years of experience in health administration. Public outcry forced the Ministry of Health to give Monima the option to resign after just one month in the post. However, the media received more complaints that, Monima, on his resignation, was offered three months of severance pay and other benefits; even though he only served one month in the post. The matter was brought up to Minister of Labor, Hugo Patton Tuesday.

Hugo Patt, Minister of Labor

“That is a situation that we are looking at with the Ministry of Health. I am not in that capacity to give you the details but certainly vlcsnap-2016-06-23-16h42m50s420that is one that we have engaged for us to see how best we can find a solution to that particular case. We have the commissioner of labor looking into that situation. In terms of fairness I can tell you that fairness is extended to everybody. It doesn’t apply to a particular person or to a particular individual or entity. We have a service to do and that service we do in the best capacity to all.”

Labor Commissioner Ivan Williams didn’t have much to say on the matter either except to say that an investigation will be carried out.

Ivan Williams, Labor Commissioner

“We have received complaints and we will look into it. I cannot give more details on that because we are being professional and not talking about people’s case in the media, with due respect. Yes, we will cheer out that investigation.”vlcsnap-2016-06-23-16h43m19s992

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