Labor issues at Placencia Hotel and Residence?

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There are reports of an industrial dispute between workers and employers at the Placencia Hotel and Residence. Reports reaching our desk are that there is a case of disgruntled workers who were recently fired, allegedly without proper benefit payments. There is a barrage of allegations including overtime, Social security and salary issues.

According to reports, recently fired staff members have made a representation at the Labour Department, Social Security, BTB and Business Tax.  It has not vlcsnap-2014-10-23-05h52m50s5been confirmed with the respective bodies, however sources say that as recently as last week Thursday October 16th , the Labour Department along with members of Social Security visited the Hotel management to look into the allegations.

What those findings are at this point we don’t know, however,  Plus News understands that a meeting between Development Director of the Real Estate and the Minister of Labour Godwin Hulse is scheduled for Thursday.

We will be following this developing story.

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