Labour Department hosted an open day to detail its work

Labour Day is an international celebration of workers – whether it is held in May 1 as in most countries or later in the year like the United States. Today the Labour Department hosted an open day to detail its work. We hear more from Deputy Labour Commissioner Paulette Wagner.

Paulette Wagner – Deputy Labour Commissioner:
vlcsnap-2013-04-30-21h01m41s148In recognition of Labour Day, which is scheduled for tomorrow, the Labour Department has decided to showcase our services in all our stations countrywide, the whole idea is just to educate the public of some of the services that we offer on a daily basis. 

Wagner notes that the Department acts not only as re-dresser of complaints but also as a clearinghouse for job placement.

Paulette Wagner – Deputy Labour Commissioner:
We have an active public employment service, which the whole aim is to encourage job seekers to register with us. Once they are on the database, we try to move them into employment as soon as we get knowledge that there is an employment. We recognize that there are times, with our best efforts, we can’t really place people, so we have a package of about five different presentations like resume writing, how to sit and interview, work ethics, we cover the Labour Act – knowing your rights at the labour place, what is expected of you, how you should be treated in the workplace generally. We do a topic on HIV in the workplace. We try to do certain foundations and things that we think working people should know. 

The open day was hosted countrywide. The holiday is tomorrow, Wednesday.

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