Lady charged after stabbing incident in Camalote

A stabbing incident occurred in the Village of Camalote on Friday afternoon of last week, shortly before 2pm. The victim, Melisha Woodye, told Plus news that she was waiting at the bus stop when she was approached and attacked by her neighbour.

Melisha Woodye – Stabbing victim:
vlcsnap-2013-03-25-22h00m22s5About 1:45 p.m., I was underneath the bus stop in the village of Camelote, with my sister-in-law Shamara Arthurs, waiting for the bus to come to go for my baby, when Zela Banner came from her home across the street [from] where I was sitting at the bus stop, approached me and said “What you may de say now?” Then she took out a knife with her right hand and started to stab me.  I managed to escape, and I ran across the street where my brother, mother-in-law live at the Carving Shop.

The incident is reported to have been prompted by a 33yr old ongoing dispute between her family and the neighbour. According to Melisha though, she had not gotten into any recent argument with the woman and is still unsure as to why she was targeted. In fact, Melisha tells us that both parties appeared before a Belmopan Magistrate in January of this year in regards to the ongoing dispute.

Melisha Woodye – Stabbing victim:
It was an ongoing problem that has happened from years, and started with my oldest sister.
We went to court already, on the 8th ofJanuary 2013.  The Magistrate bound both of us under the peace.  Because I know that I.m bound over the peace. I keep my distance.  If I see her at the bus stop when I.m going out, I move and go at the other bus shelter, [and] wait for bus.  But she continued to throw phrase and holla things after me, she and her other sister.
[The Magistrate initially granted a bond of peace] because he said that we live too close, and the only thing that separate the land is our fence. So he grant us one year bound over the peace.
I don’t know what is the problem with our family, but because we can’t get it out of the older sister that they started the problem, where they tried to get it from the younger one.

Melisha was stabbed eight times; three times to the left arm, once to the left and right shoulder, two to the upper back, once to the rib cage and another to the back of her right leg. We spoke to an eyewitness who says that she is still terrified by the incident.

The lady come and tell Melisha, she say “What you may de say now?” And all of a sudden I see the lady took out the knife and just start and stab Melisha. I get so frightened, and the baby get so frightened. The baby run.
So I run cross, grab the baby, came across by the neighbour. I start and I bawl out for help. I holla out and say, would you please help me because they want kill Melisha. So make they come out and try help we. The lady stab Melisha, and Melisha fell on the ground. I was so frightened, I don’t know what fi me do.
I don’t know what she and Melisha really have.
Most of the time, me and Melisha, we always go a school a morning, cause me baby di go a pre-school.  Every morning we go together, and sometime Melisha see her underneath the bus stop, and Melisha move away.
I [ask] her “Mel, what you move for?” She said “I di avoid problems from the people.”  So she gone.  Melisha go far, go await for the bus.

We also spoke with Melisha’s sister who says that she spoke to the Officer Commanding of the Belmopan Formation on Thursday of last week, before the stabbing incident occurred; asking him to intervene in the matter.

Melisha’s sister:
I went to Sinquest [Martinez] personal Thursday evening, and I speak to Mr Sinquest and I told him.  I told him, “Mr Sinquest [Martinez], this problem could get done of you have put justice, but you have favouritism in this thing.  He say “No.”  I say, “Yes you do.  Because the little problem that happen, they pick they phone up and call you.  Why only you they call?  Why don’t they call the Police at the Station?”  Because look what happen. And who know down di road what will happen.  They have been bound over the peace.  And they have just get bound over the peace January.  It’s only three months, and she don’t care. Somebody who get bound over the peace will respect theyself and try to do whatever the law say to do. But they’re not afraid of the law. Now the police will say, you know what, somebody will have to move.  If the Police could give we a house, and a land for all the family, we will appreciate that. Nowadays, nobody would give up their house and land to move.  
If they’re bound over the peace and they just give this young lady a minor charge for eight big stabbing, and they will say that is just wounding.  I speak to a doctor and he say that is attempt murder.  When the young lady want to court, they only change her for wounding.
Zela Banner was arraigned in the Belmopan court this morning on charges of wounding.

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