Ladyville man found murdered on Burrell Boom Road

22 year old Gregory Richard Goodfellow of Perez Road, Ladyville, Belize District, was killed sometime around 8:30 Wednesday night in the vicinity of the Burrell Boom-Hattieville Road.

According to Police, they responded to a report of shots being fired in the area, and found Gregory Goodfellow lying dead on the right side of the road toward Hattieville, half a mile from the Burrell Boom Bridge, of multiple gunshot wounds to the body, the hand and the head.

Five 9mm expended shells were recovered from the scene.

On Thursday morning, Inspector Frederick Gordon, Officer in Command at the Ladyville Police Station, briefed reporters on the still-young investigation. In short, police have not made much progress.


vlcsnap-2014-10-17-06h57m22s94Inspector Frederick Gordon – Officer Commanding Ladyville Police

“At this time the investigation is fresh, but we suspect that he was taken there to the area.   We don’t want to speculate at this time because it is an early stage of the investigation.

The Police [are] looking to all aspects of the investigation in respect of his finding on the area.

We don’t want to speculate nothing at this time.  It’s a very early stage.”


Information as to how Gregory Goodfellow met his death is sketchy, but best reports suggest the killing may have been retaliation for the Sunday stabbing death of 21 year old Brandon Flowers on Stork Street in Ladyville.

According to Inspector Gordon, Police are following as many leads as they can that solve both crimes, though so far there has been nothing found that links them.


vlcsnap-2014-10-17-06h53m22s253Inspector Frederick Gordon

“We don’t want to speculate at this time, but the police [are] looking into all aspects of the investigation.  The investigation is pretty young at this time.  We want to confirm before we reveal any information.

We are looking into all aspects of the investigation.  We are not ruling out anything.  If we get any information, we work on the investigation we get.”


There are reports that this is all connected to a group of young men in the village that have supposedly banded together to commit criminal wrongdoing. Inspector Gordon says police are keeping a close eye on that as well.


Inspector Frederick Gordon

“I am not aware of [any] gang, but as you know the pressure from the city right now at this time, bringing a lot of the persons or friends or so on to the neighbourhood villages in our area.  But we don’t know about [any] gang being in this area.

Our job is to monitor people out there, and we don’t rule out anything and say that don’t happen.  So we, the Police, have to be vigilant, and we’re out there, but as per a gang operating in Ladyville, no.” 


Gregory Goodfellow was previously accused of aggravated assault with a firearm after a confrontation with 39 year old Alfred Smith in Ladyville over a basketball game in March of this year. Dating back to 2010 he was named in several burglaries in the Ladyville area.

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