Ladyville Resident Killed by Police After Alleged Robbery

Belize Police Logo 2013vlcsnap-2013-11-28-20h44m17s139Police in Ladyville are anticipating a criminal and internal investigation into an officer-involved shooting in the village following an alleged robbery on the Philip Goldson Highway. Officially the report is that a certain Travis McKay was cornered in an area next to the basketball court, one block from the police station, after police responded to reports of a robbery  at the Country Products Meat Shop. Information is that McKay was alleged to have opened fire on the responding officers who chased him  and they fired back, putting him down with a fatal shot to the chest.  We caught up with Police Rural Executive Officer ASP Chris Noble who gave us what details he had at the time.

vlcsnap-2013-11-28-20h25m31s127Mr. Chris Noble- Police Rural Executive Officer, ASP

“What we’ve been able to gather is that there was an incident earlier, and the police were following upon that incident.   They came upon the gentleman that we have that we have confirmed is now deceased.  There was possible exchange on gunfire and the person passed”.

Reporter:  “What was the incident and the exchange of gunfire was between whom?”

Mr. Chris Noble:  “The incident we have is that there was a robbery in the area where this incident occurred; the details, I can’t give them because I don’t have them, and what we have on the scene is basically that we are trying to piece together what essential is a puzzle for us and hopefully we can satisfy all parties”.

vlcsnap-2013-11-28-21h15m38s251Reporter:  “Can you tell us if the gunfire was between Police and the individual?”

Mr. Chris Noble:  “No. We know that two weapons were fired; to tell you and confirm that at this stage, I can’t”.

Reporter:  “But police weren’t on the scene and they were firing?”

Mr. Chris Noble:  “Police were on the scene to tell you who was firing; I cannot say at this stage”.

Reporter:  “Have you been able to establish who was robbed, what was taken in that incident?”

Mr. Chris Noble:  “Like I said before, that is a matter we are looking into as we speak.  It’s a very young investigation; we can’t tell you that we have anything  concrete to give to you and I would suggest you to proceed unto the press office before me”. 

At the time the press spoke to Noble, McKay had been identified but he declined to release the name at that time.  Young Mr. McKay is said to be no stranger to police but his mother Tiffany Perez today said she was called to the area and wonders what made Police kill her son?

Ms. Tiffany Perez- Mother of Travis Mckay

vlcsnap-2013-11-28-20h52m59s247“Dehn seh, he’s over behind wa house.   When I said, can I go and see him, they said we have fuh wait.   I stan up and I took up my phone and I call Mr. Noble, I said, Mr. Noble, do you know one of yoh awfissah  just kill my son?  And he said, where are you? I am coming right now.  E seh, weh e happen?  By basketball court, by the park.  E seh, okay-   and about five minutes I see he came over.  E gan ova to see weh paat dehn have my son and e came ova quick time I call me in my sistah house and e closed the door.   But when e seh that em, if I see my son fuh today? and I say, yes, when i go home, I always see them caz, I have fih pass his house where he is living-to come and I check on them…and he said, you know your son, e have wa gun, a mask and money beside him.  And I said let me go and see him…I want to see him.   I said, and that give the policeman to kill my son?”

Ms. Perez says family members have told her that her son was running away from the officers when he saw them because vlcsnap-2013-11-28-21h43m33s108they have had run-ins before and Travis did not want another one. Unfortunately he was cornered and now Ms. Perez wants justice.

Mother of Travis Mckay:  “I am asking if anybody see if he is wrong, dehn have the judge, dehn have people dat could go and you know, judge him , not the police to do something like that.  Everybody i this village know who is Travis.  Travis no do dehn kinda tings like that, and if he had a gun, I no know how he ahn dih run wit the gun and he no ahn fayah bac at the police.   If it was me, in my case, and they are harrassing me fuh notting, ah wudah fayah bac at them same way.   But I no think e mih have time fuh haal any gun at any police”.

Reporter:  “Can you tell me as his mother, how devastated you are to be dealing with something like this…something that could have been avoided?

Mother of Travis Mckay:  “Well, I am very hurt and…he is a quiet person and for my family sake, I am just taking it easy and just want to give him peace and bury him in a good manner”.

Formal investigations are expected to get underway. Mr. McKay is the second individual killed by Ladyville police this year; the first was Ryan Lozano, in April, again alleged to have been caught in the act in the criminal offence of  burglary.

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