Ladyville teenager shot and killed

An 18 year old youth from Ladyville died while undergoing treatment at the KHMH following an attempt on his life last night. He has been identified as Merkel Pitts and investigators informed that he was shot three times to the body.  Officer Commanding Ladyville, Inspector Juanito Cocom has the details.

Inspector Juanito Cocom, Officer Commanding Ladyville Police: Last night, Thursday 7th April at about 9:38pm, Ladyville police were called to a shooting incident at the corner of Mirage Road and Compassion Lane. On an open road, police saw a dark skinned male person dressed in a long brown pants and a green white shirt and a red striped polo shirt bleeding from the abdomen area and the right bicep. He was learned to be Markiel Pitts, 18 year old. Initial investigation revealed that Pitts and three other male persons were socializing at the area, when a lone gunman approached them and fired several shots towards them. He received two shots to the abdomen and one to this right bicep. The scene was processed whereby 9 expended 9mm shells were recovered. Pitts was rushed to the KHMH where he is listen in a critical condition.  

That interview was conducted earlier today and Police confirmed that Pitts died sometime this afternoon.  Our sources say that Pitts’ shooting may be linked to the recent murder of Rene Chavarria, whom was an acquaintance of Pitts and his family; however, Police refused to discuss it. Several persons of interest are being sought in connection with what is now Pitts’ murder.vlcsnap-2016-04-11-10h27m36s596

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