Land dispute in Cotton Tree Village





There is a land dispute in the village of Cotton Tree that has been brought to the attention of the media.   This latest vlcsnap-2013-11-05-08h58m27s7dispute is connected to the St. Joseph R.C. School. According to a Press Release Sent out Friday morning by Nectaly Vela,  a Student of the University of Belize and concerned resident of Cotton Tree, the land title of the school compound presently belongs to the community. Nectaly Vela stated that  The Catholic Mission would like the land title to be transferred to them, in order to build a new building (since limited space has proven to be an issue for the school), securing a perimeter fence and general beatifying of the school. However, the Cotton Tree community, according to Ms Vela, are of the opinion that if the Catholic Mission sincerely desires to develop the school, then the land title should not be of essence. According to the press release, the community believes that if the land is issued to the Catholic Mission the community will no longer have access to the facilities since both the community centre and the clinic are both located within the same compound. Community members formed a committee, spearheaded by Hortence Anderson, and are working in conjunction with the village council in hopes of eliminating or avoiding any future land issues like this one. The committee also alleges possible sabotage, as they believe the chairs from the community centre were intentionally removed and the centre’s electricity was plugged out for the meeting they had organized on Sunday, November 3rd.  We are trying to get comments from the school and will bring those to you as soon as possible.

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