Land Lease Complainant Says Rivals Even Broke Down his House

Earlier this week, we told you of the initiative headed by Rise and Shine to host free legal advice to members of the public who are experiencing land dilemmas.

The consultations held over the weekend was made possible through the partnership of five attorneys who volunteered their time to lend counsel.

vlcsnap-2014-01-28-06h59m48s76 vlcsnap-2014-01-28-06h59m26s90Those attorneys, Audrey Matura Shepherd, Karim Musa, Anthony Sylvester, Arthur Saldivar and Dickie Bradley met with persons from across the country at our Plus TV’s headquarters.  Though it was a private event, we also granted the opportunity for those who wanted to share their land troubles with the public to do so.

Tonight we run the first story – that of Gilbert Pandy.  Pandy says he has had lease for a land in San Ignacio since 1990.  He had since developed the terrain and had even constructed a house on the property.

But all that did not stop someone else from gaining possession of the parcel of land in 2010. Pandy submitted the case to the courts and expected the case to play out cordially through the legal system, that is until the said person reportedly took matters into his own hands and demolished Pandy’s home. He shares his story.

vlcsnap-2014-01-30-17h30m39s149Mr. Gilbert Pandy- Complainant

“I have a land in Martin Galvez Boulevard, Cahal Pech Area, in San Ignacio.  I want them to know that that land belongs to me since 1990 with a lease for it.  I have paid up to June of last year.  They receive my money, but the thing is that I also have a house on it.  This person went and break down my house, I went to the court and they said that I have to go to the Supreme Court, but he did not do that.  He went and break it down and take everything from my house from my land.   I build a house and I stay there and they said that they will break down my house and that is not right because lot of problem could cause from that because I need it.  I went there for the Christmas and when I got there, I got no house. I don’t know why e haft fu du dat.  E no mih haff tu du dehn ting dehm mein, you know?”

vlcsnap-2014-01-30-17h44m43s148Mr. Pandy says he has sought answers from the Lands Department and that after meeting with attorney Arthur Saldivar, on Saturday, he is confident that the land is rightfully his and intends to reclaim ownership.

Mr. Gilbert Pandy: “I went to the Lands Department and when I went to the officer in charge, and  I went back again, and I made several different trips, and they told me that I have to make a case from it.  So, I wanted the people to know that this is not fair with me on what is going on”.

 Reporter:  So, you talked to the attorney today.  Any good advise that they attorney has given you?

 Mr. Gilbert Pandy: “Oh yes.  I thank the attorney that he advised me very carefully to step up on it and to don’t give up because it belongs to me”.




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