Land Scammer Remanded to Kolbe

And in another land related story; a resident of Belmopan says he was swindled out of almost twelve thousand dollars by an individual he knows goes by the name Cesar Mesh.  

 The victim, who wished to remain unidentified, told us that Mesh took him to a property in More Tomorrow Village in the Cayo District and said that he could get the land for him through a quicker process as he has connections with key persons at the Land’s department. We have distorted the victim’s voice as per his request.

“So the man tel me he work  eena the Land Office and care me way to the top.  So, when the man go in and e seh, ‘wait for me, I wah cohn right now.  So, teh man gaan in and e look like e don back off the empty seat eena the office becaue when he come out of the office, e don bring the receipt fahn e hand”

Reporter:  “And the receipt that he brings is an official?”

Interviewee:  “To me it looks official”.  

Reporter:  “About how many times did he take you into the National Lands Department?”

Interviewee:  “Two times.  Only one time he care me up. The second time, he left me right here pahn the board.  Then e vlcsnap-2014-02-20-20h56m43s224tek wah paper fahn wa lady and said, let’s go, you see how I do it?  I do the thing quick way”.

The victim says he made several trips with Mech to the Land’s department where he provided what appeared to be real documents. Mech moved freely through the Land’s department according to the victim and the receipts Mech presented also appeared to be genuine.

However, the victim became suspicious when Mesh took him to the land and certain things were not adding up.  So, he began to ask questions to make further moves  towards ownership of the land and while the money he paid was real enough, he found out that his documents and receipts were all fake.

That is when he contacted the police

Interviewee:  “Then I started to find out about these papers.  So, I asked for help through phone, through the man weh do this and where and so.  Then, I gone straight to the police.  So, the police arrested him.

With his pocket now almost twelve thousand dollars lighter, the victim filed an  official police report where he found that there were other complaints against the same individual for the same crime.

Luckily, Mesh was renting a small room from the victim at the time so he could point police directly to his location. Mesh was arrested for obtaining property by deception and on Monday appeared in magistrates court in Belmopan.

According to Officer Commanding the Belmopan formation, Sinquest Martinez, Mesh was remanded to Kolbe until his next court appearance.

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