Landslide in Arizona Village blocks road for hours

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vlcsnap-2015-11-24-11h01m20s14Residents of Arizona Village had a difficult time getting home yesterday, sunday 22 November. That’s because a sizable portion of the mountain side that is currently being excavated by Teakettle resident Efram Usher collapsed. The accident spilled large rocks and boulders  on to the road that connects Teakettle Village with the village of Arizona, which is off the Western Highway. The landslide occurred around 10 am and we are told that the ensuing blockage of the road lasted for about 6 hours as traffic was blocked on both sides of the road. We spoke to the former chairman of the village who gave us an account of what he observed at the location yesterday.vlcsnap-2015-11-24-11h01m01s67

Emmanuel Pech, Reporter: So this whole mountain dropped?

Fernando Vanegaz, Village Resident: Yes this whole mountain dropped because of him digging. It’s dangerous because last time that tree dropped, my son was passing there.

Emmanuel Pech, Reporter: Who is digging here?

Fernando Vanegaz, Village Resident: Mister Usher. Last time the road got messed up Mr. Phil mi come too and the same thing, he nevah want we pick up nany of the big rock fi dump. I mean hell meine, you di get thing from the village, give back to the village.

Emmanuel Pech, Reporter: He has a contract to dig here?

Fernando Vanegaz, Village Resident: Yes this place da fi he.  From when I left chairman, I could mia stop it, but I nuh run fi chairman. Mussi bout 5 done pass me.

It took a while for residents to get in touch with the proprietor of the land but when they did get in touch with him, Efram Usher acted vlcsnap-2015-11-24-11h03m18s158immediately and his equipment began pushing rocks off the road with his loader and truck. The incident has brought to light another glaring issue; the roads and cartways apparently sit on private property. The road is accessed daily by several villagers of Arizona including children and tourists. Fortunately, no one was injured during the landslide.

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