Laptops stolen from Belmopan school

vlcsnap-2013-04-10-20h45m10s182Belmopan Police are investigating a report of burglary. The Shepherd’s Academy has been in operation for almost five years now. The school provides education for approximately 100 students from Preschool up to standard six. In an effort to further improve on its curriculum and empower itsstudents; the school acquired six black Dell Laptops to place in its computer lab which is currently being constructed. Those plans have been hindered though as over the weekend someone broke into the church building which is located within the same compound and took the six laptops with them. Plus news spoke with Principal of the Shepherds Academy Mrs. Carolyn Hulse.

Carolyn Hulse – Principal of the Shepherds Academy:
vlcsnap-2013-04-10-20h45m26s92Well, the purpose of the laptops [was] for the children, for them to move forward.  They need to learn about technology.  We do not have a computer lab.  We need one.  We were just starting out with six. Now we’ll have to start all over again from scratch.  We’ll have to raise the money.  Thentry to get in line with all the other schools trying to get from these people that we partner with. Now we’ll have to try to get in line again to get more, if they have more.
It’s very sad that people would break into the church and steel something that can help our children in their education, that they need.

The laptops where purchased from an organization who partners with the local school in Belize. Of note; the laptops are designed specifically for schools and has an EDU-UBUNTO operating system making them easier to identify from other laptops. Anyone who has information in regards to the six computers is asked to contact the nearest Police Station.

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