Latest Belize City murder victim is Quincy Gentle

Another man was shot and killed in Belize City.  28 year old Quency Jaime Michael Gentle was shot to the right side of his abdomen and to the center of the chest sometime around 10:55 p.m. as he was walking on Kelly Street. Police told us about this latest murder.

 ASP Alejandro Cojo- O.C of N.C.I.B:

Police responded to a shooting incident at Kelly Street where they visited the K.H.M.H and they observed a young person, Quincy Gentle with a point gunshot wound to his chest and to his stomach area. He was admitted in a critical condition and succumbed to his injuries while retrieving treatment sometime just before midnight. The information that police has gathered so far is that he was walking from Simon Lamb Street into Kelly Street where reaching almost at the junction with Kelly Street and Matron Roberts. He was approached by a male person who fired several shots at his direction causing the fatal injuries to him. The information that we had gathered so far it is pointing out that it is related to previous shooting that had happened in that same area there.

We also heard from Kaylani Gentle, the sister of the murdered man. She told us what her family knows of the incident.

Kaylani Gentle- Sister of deceased:

They said he was walking home, coming through by the technical colleges and to Kelly Street in front of Chon Saan. The assailants that met him did it close range you know? He got shot once in the right side of the chest which damaged a main organ which pumps blood to the heart and he got one in the tie which is opposite from the belly area here. He ran inside of Chon Saan trying to rescue his life and when he ran in he collapsed. That’s when he dropped. They pulled him in and they said that the person was in a vehicle that saw him and fired shots in his direction.  

Kaylani says her family s distraught as this is the second brother she has lost to gun violence.

Kaylani Gentle- Sister of deceased:

I lost a brother going for a year, july 2nd will make two years since i lost my first brother.Its so heart breaking to see that people out here haven no love and no conscience that people have family you know? Right now its not like back in the days when people use to say we’re gonna fight with hand and stuff like that, but now now people just wanna kill people now you know? Now with the gang related stuff that is happening so i dont know if they will try to accuse my brother and try involve him with the gang related stuff  but i can say that i know my brother hangs out with different people and different friends and stuff like that at different areas but my brother would not kill anyone. He never went to jail for murder. He probably went for minor stuff but my brother was just starting his life, he was just 29 years old. He didnt have a child and it hurt me to see that my two brothers cause I’mlike right between them. But I’m strong because i have to be strong for my mother.

The sister says that with cameras around the Chon Saan establishment, she is hopeful that the shooter would be identified and that her family would receive justice.

Kaylani Gentle- Sister of deceased:

And i am pleading to the public out there you know? I’m not saying that we want to take revenge for my brother or whatever, now he is in a better place with God. But if you know anything, if anybody saw anything, if you know anything just come forward you know? Because it can happen to anybody. People are killing people like animals out here without thinking, and I know that somebody saw something and we are just begging to the public if anybody saw anything or knows anything we just want justice we don’t want anything we just want justice that’s all we want. It hurt me. My brother went away from me and he was just starting his life you know? But like i said God isn’t sleeping.

Police say that Gentle may have been associated with a gang.  The other brother who had previously died was Geovani Gentle. He was gunned down on Regent Street In June of 2016. He was shot as many as 24 times.

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