Law student accused of contraband smuggling

Ronell Gonzalez is no stranger to the court system, not just because he has been there on various charges, but because he is also a law student.  His latest run in with the law is over some contraband items found in the car he was driving.  Customs intercepted the taxi vehicle at a customs checkpoint between miles 12 and 13 on the Northern and found 59 bottles of assorted liquor in the trunk of the car.; liquor valued at a total of $6027.00 . Gonzalez and his were both arrested and were arraigned in court on Monday before Senior Magistrate Sharon Frazer.  Both men pleaded not guilty and were offered bail of fifteen thousand dollars. But, Gonzalez owed the court a fine for a traffic offence, and because the cashier was closed, he was unable to meet bail and was remanded at the Queen Street police station tonight. This was not the first time Gonzales has been charged for contraband items. Back in 2011 he was also charged similarly. Gonzales also beat a murder wrap in 2008 in the killing of David Pook. Gonzales is now facing a minimum fine of twenty thousand dollars for his latest charge.vlcsnap-2016-06-08-07h52m57s470

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