Lawsuit for Counterfeit Merchandise in the Corozal Freezone

CFZvlcsnap-2014-02-13-18h52m54s180Last year October, three containers were discovered at the Customs Department’s Warehouse in Belize city containing thousands of fake Nike, Converse and Chanel merchandise.

The Importing company was Pacific Ocean International LTD, a Chinese owned company operating in the Corozal Free Zone.

The containers were found to carry more than 13,000 pairs of fake Nike tennis shoes, thirty thousand Nike shorts, thirty one thousand pairs of fake Converse tennis shoes, and Chanel purses and wallets in one of the biggest busts in the region for 2013.

vlcsnap-2014-02-13-18h54m17s235Now, Mexican Newspaper El Diario de Quintana Roo is reporting that the three companies have initiated lawsuits against several companies in the Corozal Free Zone for selling and Marketing counterfeit products.

We understand that several multimillion dollar lawsuits have been filed in the Corozal Court against many of the companies that are registered in the Zone.  We will have more on this story in subsequent newscasts.

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