Lawyer of accused murderers of Pastor Lu says police need to get their ducks in a row

Herbert  Panton is also the legal representative for the five men accused of the murder of Pastor Llewelyn Lucas. It would seem like almost an open and shut case based on the evidence that the police appears to have; the head in Mason’s vehicle, and the surveillance footage of Lucas being bound and taken in Mason’s vehicle. But accordingto Panton, while the police are setting up unrealistic expectations, they ned to get their ducks in a row.

Herbert Panton, Attorney for the Defense

“All I will say is that from the very first press conference that the Police top brass has had, they have whipped this nation up into a frenzy and it is a frenzy with unrealistic expectations. I don’t know what they have in their possession. Upon disclosure date I will get that information, but they very well know that they continue to throw this piecemeal information out. They prejudice their own case and I ask the question again. Why has the D.P.P. not been consulted up to this point? That is the question I want you to put to the top brass of the police.”

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