Le Petit Art School Offers Classes In Belmopam






Le Petit Art School is coming to Belmopan. The art school is a program that aims to teach children – ages 5 to 14- the foundations of painting and drawing to spark creative reasoning and harbor a passion for arts. Ruth Budram owner and manager of Le Pitit Art School gave us more details about the summer camp program that is starting next week.

vlcsnap-2014-07-12-09h16m26s217Ruth Budram

“We’re pushing our Art Summer Camp for Le Petit.  It’s a one week Summer Camp, and the cost is $60. We’re taking children between the ages of 5 and 14.  We have three categories.  we have the category for children from ages 5 to 6, which will be doing ‘Working with Colors’, basic.  We have ages 7 to 10 which will be doing ‘How to Draw’.  And we have ages 11 – 14  which will be working with ‘Pen & Ink.’  I will be doing all the classes.  With ‘Working with Colors’ we’ll be teaching them how to mix colors, painting, colored pencils, just teaching them all about colors.  In the ‘How to Draw’ class, we’re teaching them the basics of how to draw, with pencils and colored pencils, how to apply color to your drawing.  And for the ‘Pen & Ink’ class, we teach them how to draw with pens.” 

Ruth Budram explained why she believes parents should make an investment like this on their kids

Ruth Budram

“Growing up as a kid, I never had that chance to learn about Art, until high school.  This prepares your kids [to] teach them about Art.  They can learn the basics, and they could know if it is something they would want to take when going to high school.  they could go to high school with the basics already.  They could have a head start in how to apply arts to their everyday life.”

The summer camp program is from the 14th to the 18th of July. For more information you can go to www.lepetitartschool.com or call Ruth Budram at 632-4813. The art school is located at 5 Bermuda Street, Belmopan.

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