Lead in A &R robbery thanks to cameras

vlcsnap-2014-08-22-08h06m53s151A couple of men took advantage of the high sales of the back to school season of A&R enterprise in Belize City, and robbed the establishment of over $13,500 in cash and valuable items. As we reported yesterday, at around 6:27 on Wednesday night, as workers were locking up for the day, the security guard was followed inside by a tall dark skinned man who pointed a firearm at his left side. Today, we have pictures of the incident taken by the establishment’s security cameras.

vlcsnap-2014-08-22-18h42m44s226The armed man, who had covered his face with a stocking prior to going in the store had the employees lie down on the floor as he took $9,084.66 in cash, two cellar phones, a gold ring, and a stone and gold bracelet. The employees were then herded up the stairs as the armed man’s accomplice, a man of Hispanic descent, stood watch at the front door. The men took $1,969.65 from one of the containers and $1,225 in cash from another container. The employees were locked inside the office as the duo made good their escape. No one was injured during the incident and as we reported yesterday Police have one suspect detained and are looking for others.


vlcsnap-2014-08-22-18h44m19s113Rosendo Urbina co-owner of the establishment commented on social media about this latest robbery, saying that, quote, That makes, so far, 3 armed robberies and 5 break ins over the past 5 years or so, across all our branches countrywide. Strangely enough, this time I never felt the anger and vengeance associated with each event. In fact, it was just sadness, and extreme concern for the safety of my employees. Our company employs over 200 Belizeans countrywide. We are committed to the development of our country, and adhere to sound business practices. These episodes make us stronger, not weaker. I thank all my brave employees who lived thru this robbery, and they know i will always be by their side. Life goes on for all of us”. In a phone call with Rosendo Urbina this afternoon, he told us that he doesn’t believe he will get his money back, and doesn’t intend to pursue it further. All he is hoping for, he said, is an indictment of the thieves.

As for the perpetrators, reliable inside sources tell us that police have an idea of who they might be looking. The men were caught on camera, and though they had their faces covered, inside sources believe the men might have been inside the store prior to the robbery.

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