Leader of Opposition says Crime rate is a national crisis

Leader of the Opposition John Briceno also spoke today on the recent killings at a press briefing held today.

 Leader of the Opposition John Briceno

Our peaceful way of life as a society is under constant attack the violence and despicable attack even against our innocent children is symptomatic of maul decay occurring all across our nation no amount of asphalt, concrete or steel can fix what is going around in Belize today. This is a call to action we as Belizeans must act using the democratic process of the ballot to bring about meaningful change since the beginning of 2018 there have been 27 murders other serious crimes robberies and home invasions continue at an alarming rate Belizeans from all walks live in fear tourist are increasingly victims of unsolved crimes and now our babies are the latest victims this is a national crisis.

We’ll have more from today’s press briefing later on in this newscast.

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