Leader of the Opposition denies secret agreement for registries

vlcsnap-2013-06-13-19h36m46s227Today PLUS News and other media spoke to Leader of the Opposition Francis Fonseca about accusations made against him and former Prime Minister Said Musa at Wednesday’s press conference. Those accusations were made by current Prime Minister Dean Barrow. He charged that Musa and Fonseca secretly extended an agreement with the half-Ashcroft based Belize International Services Limited (BISL) company to run the IMMARBE and business companies registries up to June , 2020, extended from 1993 and 2013. Fonseca, who was Attorney General and Minister of Education at the time, denied knowingly signing such an agreement in secret. He claims that the matter had been vetted by the Cabinet in meetings, giving details of such a meeting, and his Ministry even during the height of national protests and the passing of the revised Finance and Audit Act that would have outlawed such practices. Fonseca maintained that he committed no wrongdoing and accused the Prime Minister of trying to distract the nation by his performance. He said that he nor any other members of the National Assembly had been told about this nor was any other reason given by the Prime Minister for the takeovers of the registries on Monday. BISL has threatened litigation on the matter. Fonseca also gave his reaction to the PSE results, and village council elections among other topics. We will have more on those issues raised with Fonseca in Friday’s newscast.

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