Leader of the Opposition Updates his Views on National Issues

vlcsnap-2014-04-10-22h03m16s230The People’s United Party (PUP) called a press briefing today at Independence Hall for a regular update on national issues of interest to the party.

Leader Francis Fonseca called for newly appointed chair of the Executive Committee of Belize Telemedia Limited Anwar Barrow to resign his post on the grounds of nepotism, or failing that, for his father, Prime Minister Dean Barrow, to remove him.

According to Fonseca, appointments such as Anwar Barrow’s place that person, later down the line, in the unenviable position of placing family support over the public interest, and ought to be discouraged by all leaders.

He listed several other appointments of Barrow family members in recent years to plum positions and receiving monies for work done for the Government as further examples and also mentioned the case of Danini Contreras, daughter of Trade Minister Erwin Contreras, and the continuing furor over her appointment as director of the drug inspectorate.

Fonseca also hit out at the issue of Mytheon Solutions Limited, a company engaging in distribution of telephone credit to key Government departments including the Police and which is said to be owned by Minister of National Security John Saldivar’s wife Darlene, and previously by the Minister himself, originally in conjunction with Belmopan businessman and UDP Mayoral candidate Khalid Belisle.

Fonseca says the public needs to know if it is true that Belize’s security services are exclusively tied to buying from the company, what revenue is accrued there from and what the Prime Minister knows.

PUP legal advisor Anthony Sylvestre gave an update on the writ of mandamus appeal announced a few days ago as well as the application of judicial review on the recall which we reported on earlier.

With regard to the former, the update is that there is no update, at least, not from Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie to the Opposition Leader.  The appeal continues and Sylvestre’s view is that the whole thing is playing games. We will have more in tomorrow’s newscast.

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