Leaders hope BTV listen to “ reason”

Can the Government of Belize convince the Belize Territorial Volunteers not to go to the Sarstoon for their commemorative event on Saturday? It appears a tall order, but Belize’s top military leaders, past and present, intend to take a stab at it on Thursday in Punta Gorda Town. Brigadier General David Jones insisted that no matter the outcome of the meeting, the BDF would not be supporting the BTV with security – however, he says they would not actively prevent Belizeans from traveling to the area:

 Brig. Gen. David Jones, Commander, B.D.F.: No, we don’t intend to provide any support.  We are cautioning them to try and listen to them, and heed the advice that we are going to give them to not go into the area, at least at this time.  I expect to have a meeting with them tomorrow in Punta Gorda, myself and the C.E.O. from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where we will sit down with Mr. Wil Maheia and his vlcsnap-2016-04-28-10h51m05s894team and we’ll try and convince him not to go.  We’re not going to stop any Belizeans from going but at this time where it could be a bit volatile, we’ll ask them not to go at this time.

For the nation’s top military leader patriotism and national pride must take a back seat in this instance to reason and the real threat that awaits those who venture South on Saturday:

Brig. Gen. David Jones, Commander, B.D.F.: We are aware of his passion, we are of his patriotism but I believe that reasoning and logic in the issues that have been evolving due to the shooting incident, he will be able to listen to us.  We are not going to stop Belizeans, we’re not going to stop him, we’re just going to try and ask him, to reason with him to give us an opportunity to try and work out the situation peacefully.  Details of that interview or meeting will come out based on the questions that he has and I believe we will be able to convince him, but it’s up to him.  If we can unite, join together as one nation that would be the best, but if we have different people, different organizations opposing each other we’re not going to solve the issue.  It’s better that we have a united front in dealing with this issue because we have the same aim, we have the same goals and let us try to achieve the same thing by reasoning with one another

BTV maintains that the trip is on for Saturday April 30.

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